STRATOSPHERE - Kikyuune Family Compilation Album

Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use apply to all voicebanks in the Kikyuune Family series.

Art, Music and Other Fanworks

Videos and songs made with the Kikyuunes' voices may use any of the artwork created for them uploaded to the deviantART account MystSaphyr, or any artwork that is included with the voicebank downloads, so long as proper credit for the image(s) is given to MystSaphyr and the use is non-commercial.

The Kikyuune's art and designs may NOT be traced, edited, recolored, or repurposed for any other characters.

Similarly, "pitchloids" or any sort of related sound-edits created from any Kikyuune media outside of using the UTAU or other similar voice-synth software are strictly forbidden.

Also, I request that you please check the MMD models' readmes and/or ask their creators before editing any Kikyuune family MMD models. I did not make any of the models myself, but some of them have readmes you should check before editing/modifying.

Commerical Use vs. "Doujin" Use

There are certain instances in which I allow for art and music made using my UTAUs to be sold, and instances in which I strictly forbid it. For the sake of clarification, I will make a distinction between what I consider to be "doujin" use versus "commercial" in the definitions below:

Doujin (OK):
Physical copies of art and music that are self-published, printed and sold in limited small batches at singular fan-events. These include artbook anthologies, compilation albums, prints, small trinkets (charms, stickers, etc.), and so on. Doujin materials are specifically meant more for promotion and fun than for generating income, and are often "break-even" operations; they do not produce a noticeable profit, as the sales essentially only cover costs of production.

Continued or large-scale reproduction of a product intended to create profit, i.e. that which would be sold at multiple events or locations, or via online print stores such as Redbubble, deviantART, Cafepress, and other print/press websites. In this case, this also includes sales of digital music, i.e. that sold through Bandcamp, iTunes, etc.

"Commercial" works as described are FORBIDDEN without purchase of a commercial-use license from the UTAU XYZ store.

"Doujin" works as described are acceptable and do not require a license or permission, so long as they conform to the rest of the Kikyuune terms of service. (I'd prefer, however, if you contacted me beforehand just so I can see the project!)

Propaganda and Hate Speech

Kikyuune Family voicebanks and/or characters should NOT be used for obscene, defamatory, libelous, slanderous and/or unlawful content.

Kikyuune Family voicebanks and/or characters should NOT be used for specifically spreading a political or religious message. However, traditional anthems, choruses and chants are perfectly acceptable.

Mature/Obscene Content, etc.

Kikyuune UTAUs should NOT be used in songs that describe sexual acts in lewd or graphic detail.
Examples: Wash My Blood, Gomenne Gomenne, Shooting-Star Technica, Gigantic OTN

However, songs that allude to sex and sexuality without using such coarse language or visuals are fine.
Examples: The Madness of Duke Venomania, KiLLER LADY

It is strictly forbidden to make sexual or romantic music or artwork featuring pairings between Aiko/Akio and their parents Akihiko or Akiko. Akiko and Akihiko are voiced by my own real-life parents; this would be in extremely poor taste.

If you are still unsure of a song's content, simply contact Myst/UTAUxyz.

The Kikyuune characters also may NOT be depicted in pornographic (R-18) artwork.


Katherine Forgy, Project UTAU XYZ and the additional Kikyuune Family voice providers hold no responsibility to incidents, damage and/or loss by the License Owner from downloading and/or using any of the Kikyuune Family voicebanks and/or characters. 

In addition: Katherine Forgy, Project UTAU XYZ and the additional Kikyuune Family voice providers take no responsibility for any incidents, damage and/or loss that occurs to any third party as a result from the License Owner’s usage of the Kikyuune Family voicebanks and/or characters.

Keeping the above in mind, please use the Kikyuune family at your own discretion. You may easily contact me on both deviantART (myst-saphyr) and Tumblr (mystsaphyr or polkaloid) if you are unsure of artwork content or a song's lyrics.

Thank you!