STRATOSPHERE - Kikyuune Family Compilation Album

Myst's USTs

Note: Some USTs are privately distributed.
Just send a message through UTAforum, Tumblr (cannot be anon) or deviantART for the links.

I will not respond to public messages anywhere requesting for UST links or passwords.

Terms of Use!

• credit MystSaphyr / UTAUxyz for USTs
• do not redistribute the original UST or claim as your own
• ask before redistributing VSQs or MIDIs made using my UST as a base
• ask before redistributing ANY KIND of altered versions of my USTs, including:
- lyrics fixes
- VCV/CV/hiragana/romaji versions
- any other kinds of edits

(if you want, you can send edited/corrected USTs to me and I will add to the zip with proper credit given to you in the readme)

Quality Disclaimer!

I am human. My first language is English. I have had only about 2 years' worth of Japanese classes. Therefore, there are probably mistakes in these USTs. I rarely can guarantee that I have gotten lyrics correct. If you notice mistakes, PLEASE contact me and I'll fix them!

Download Video Karaoke CV/VCV Type Status
Matryoshka Kikyuune Aiko & Macne Nana Piapro  CV Romaji open
Mozaik Role Hibanane Chiyoko YouTube CV Romaji & Hiragana open
Renai Fukkiretion Pamyu sm10733620 VCV Hiragana open
CHASER Namine Ritsu sm7205717 VCV Hiragana open
Escape Kikyuune Aiko Piapro CV Romaji Temporarily
Life is Like a Boat Kikyuune Aiko I cannot provide
the karaoke for
this song.
CV (JP phonemes only) Romaji open
Lonesome Cat 2 Kikyuune Aiko Piapro CV Romaji open
Hato Pam sm1977990 CV Hiragana open
Mrs Pumpkin no Kokkeina Yume HALLOWEENka Aki Piapro CV Romaji open
Lie and TimeMachine Kikyuune Aiko & Mathieu Rosaire Piapro CV Romaji open
ChorusPiapro CVRomaji & Hiraganaopen
___ ___ Ni Shite Ageru HarmoniesKikyuune Aikosm1304665MIDI + CV USTRomajiopen
Macne NanaPiaproCVRomaji & Hiraganaopen
WAYDeoFairy NOLsm4294386CV+VCVHiraganaopen
Hoshi no Uta Harmony
(Main: Nukude)
Kikyuune AikoGetUploaderCVRomaji & Hiraganaopen
Lyin' Cryin' PumpkinKikyuune AikoPiaproCVRomajiopen
Gocha Gocha UruseeKikyuune AikoPiaproCVRomajiopen
Hurting for a
Very Hurtful Pain
Mathieu & AikoPiaproCVRomaji & Hiraganaopen
1/3 no Junjou na KanjouKikyuune AkioI cannot provide
the karaoke for
this song.
ScissorhandsKikyuune Akikosm9111153CVHiraganaopen
Crybaby's First LoveDefokoPiaproCVHiraganaopen
Chance!Amaha Sora type LONPiaproCVHiragana

Aria on the Game CenterKikyuune AikoNico CommonsCVHiragana

LET'S TYPE!Kikyuune Aiko
Kanochi Neko
Yamane Koko
NebulaKikyuune AikoTripshots' SiteCVHiraganaopen
I Keep On
KujiloidPiaproVCV + CVHiraganaopen
SilenceKikyuune AikoPiaproCV VC EnglishCZ's new list (the one with "yo" and "9")private: message me for the link
All Men
Are Pigs
Kikyuune AikoiTunesCV VC EnglishCZ's new list (the one with "yo" and "9")private: message me for the link
Mazinger Z ThemeDoubutsune
I cannot provide
the karaoke for
this song.
TypeWriterKikyuune AikoPiaproCVHiraganaopen