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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UTAU? Who is Kikyuune Aiko? How did I get here?

If you've stumbled upon my site with no clue as to what anything is, here's the basic run-down:
  • UTAU is freeware voice synthesis for music. 
  • UTAUs (sometimes called UTAUloids) are folders of voice samples that are used in the UTAU software. These folders are usually called "voicebanks."
  • In its purest form, UTAU provides you with free virtual singers that sing your songs for you!

However, there's also a huge character aspect to UTAU; many UTAUs have a character avatar to represent each of them. Sound familiar at all? If an image of a "hologram" anime girl with giant teal pigtails popped into your head, you're very close. Vocaloid (and thusly, Hatsune Miku) is similar software for the same purpose, though it costs quite a bit more than the low low price of absolutely free.

Kikyuune Aiko is my personal UTAU voicebank. She's the first one I originally recorded and designed. The other characters on this site are either derivatives of that voicebank (in the case of Akio and Fuusenne) or voiced by my parents (in the case of Akihiko and Akiko). This site is where I host downloads relating to their voicebanks or character images and post all my UTAU and Vocaloid-related media that I (or fans of the Kikyuune family) have created!

You can expect a great deal of UTAU covers of other songs (mostly Vocaloid ones) because that's how I initially got into using UTAU.

How do I use UTAU? How do you make an UTAU? How do you make USTs? How do you make an UTAU sing? Help, I'm having problems with...

I love helping people learn how to make an UTAU voicebank and use it properly, but I can't answer that all in a FAQ! Though I have tutorials planned, in the meantime, just message me on Soundcloud or deviantART or Skype, and I'll do my best to help! Please note that I am not currently taking OTO.ini requests or trades.

When will *voicebank* be finished or released?

If I ever say I'll have a voicebank by a certain date, add anywhere from a week or a few months onto the end of that deadline... I sadly do not tend to release voicebanks in a timely manner due to limited time and space for recording. I am also rather nitpicky with sound quality, which doesn't help at all. Many apologies.

What did you use to record?

Aiko's CV-VV voicebanks were recorded in Audacity using my Yeti, and her CVVC banks were recorded using OREMO, all in a closet home-made "studio" at my dad's house. Akihiko and Akiko were also recorded in Audacity on the Yeti, but not in very good spaces.

Aiko's Acts 1 through 3 were recorded in Garageband on the built-in mic on my Macbook. Version 4 (V.4, and V.4.1) was recorded in Audacity on an Audio Technica mic at my college library.

You use UTAU on Mac? Do you use UTAU-Synth?

I have plenty of experience in PC UTAU as I used to use Boot Camp on my older Macbook, but since my new computer has limited harddrive space, I've resorted to using UTAU-Synth almost exclusively for 2 years. However, I recently obtained a PC laptop and I've started using for Vocaloid, CeVIO and PC UTAU things, and I installed PC UTAU on my Macbook via Crossover.

How do Aiko's boots work?

Aiko isn't human! She was originally designed as a "biodroid" or an android with organic parts. It's the inverse of a cyborg, which is where a human was given robotic parts. The reason her boots are so clunky looking and somehow don't fall off is that they're actually part of her leg's outer casing, and it's also a kind of joke with friends that they can turn into rockets or roller skates and other things like a Transformer. However you can have her wear whatever shoes for whatever artwork you want!

Can my UTAU be paired with Aiko/be Aiko's friend?

Unofficially, sure! If you want your UTAU to sing with Aiko or you particularly like to ship her with whomever, go ahead. I think headcanon crushes and idol things are cute and it's really kind of an honor that people like her enough to do that sort of thing.

However, please don't claim it as "official" or go messing with Aiko's Wiki pages! And I'd rather you not ask me out of the blue to make your UTAU her "friend" because it just seems a bit awkward if we haven't ever talked before. Sorry!

Aiko looks like Rin with blue hair.

Okay, I do get this one a lot, and after some recent wiki vandalism, I feel I should address the issue in detail.

I know there are a LOT of similarities. I don't deny that. However, I never intended purposefully for Aiko to be similar to Rin, nor did I actually base her initial design off of Rin. She WAS, however, intended to be Crypton-styled, and her original design was heavily based on both Hatsune Miku and a fanmade named Fuyu Hiiragi. You can really see this in the prototype of her first design from when she was a fanmade Vocaloid and not an UTAU.

I think it's primarily the hair and hairclips that people recognize. The hairstyle developed over time (as shown below), and I just happen to like hairpins, so I added those into her first design. They were just kinda slapped onto her hair and meant to resemble buttons. When I went to try to make her hair a bit more "realistic" and less chunky, it became more and more Rin-like as time went on.

I do not pretend that doesn't resemble Rin, ESPECIALLY in her second-to-last design, but I have been trying to move past that by shortening her hair in back, keeping her bangs symmetrical and making the back flare out more on the sides and curve inwards in the middle. I am too much of a stick-in-the-mud to redesign her completely, so it's likely her hair won't change much past this latest iteration, and the play and pause button additions to the hairpins were a design gift/addition from my friend Mooncrafter, so the hairpins are also gonna stay.

How long have you been in UTAU?

I learned about UTAU through Zuii Takoe/SRS in late May/early June of 2009, but only started working on Aiko around June. She was first posted sometime around July 10th 2009 on my old personal Youtube channel. A week later, on the 17th, I moved UTAU operations to a new channel, UTAUxyz, and I've been at it ever since!

Aiko sounds like a boy. / Is Aiko a guy? / Are you a guy?

Aiko and I are both girls! I'm an alto, which is the lowest feminine voice range, and I tend to record her at what I consider a comfortable pitch.

While I don't mind nowadays if people headcanon Aiko as any gender (I've seen someone consider Aiko to be nonbinary at least once and that was kinda neat) I'll still be keeping the "canonical" gender female.

PLEASE NOTE: Even if you feel Aiko sounds or looks excessively masculine, do NOT refer to Aiko as a "tr*p". This word, which should be obvious, is a transphobic slur.

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