STRATOSPHERE - Kikyuune Family Compilation Album


Promo: ECHO by CrusherP

I had the honor of editing the video for CrusherP's Gumi English original song "ECHO"! Please take a listen, it's really fantastic <3


VocaMash - "In Your World"

I forgot to post this one! After listening to ALYS' demo song, "Dans mon Monde," I did a mashup of it and "Tell Your World" by kz/livetune. Looking forward to ALYS' CeVIO release!

Terms of Use Updates

Hey all, I'm back for a bit. Still working on a few last-minute issues with Aiko's CVVC.

I just wanted to post a notice that I've updated my terms of use to include a distinction between "doujin use" and "commercial use"!

If you're still unsure about using my voicebanks/characters, feel free to message me at k.forgy @ icloud . com!