STRATOSPHERE - Kikyuune Family Compilation Album


Starbits Pets - Bees & Bubbles

So it isn't UTAU necessarily, but it is the first electronic music I've made on Mixcraft, and also my first real original musical collaboration.

For those of you who don't know, I'm an artist on an online virtual pet game called Starbits Pets. It's somewhat like Neopets but not as commercialized*cough*crappy*cough*. The admin of the site, chizu, and I worked on this together a few days ago.

The first part (short, fast, muffled quality) was the original music loop for one of the flash games on SBP. The second is our remix/composition. Chizu took care of setting the original notes and directing instruments while I added harmonies and a melody onto the song.

Please let me know what you think!


More MMD randomness...

Sorry that I haven't done a UST in a while. Working on some projects for others.

In between USTing, I made this.


Heart Sutra Project + More MMD

The Aiko&Maki Heart Sutra project is back!

If you're not familiar with this project, visit 0AikoHeartMakiSutra0 on Youtube. Maki's voicer, Cien, and I have a goal to make all of the versions of Hannya Shingyo out that have karaokes. I can't believe how long we'd neglected it, but the second cover (of thirty-plus) is out, and it's the Hardcore version by Utsu-P!

 Also, I played a bit more with MMD and learned how long making a proper HD video takes.... aughhh.

Only the XYZ Bugs and Lat Aiko are up for download currently. Kio Aiko still needs physics :C


Fixed download links!

Wow, I have no idea what blogspot was doing to my Aiko voicebank links, but they work now! So sorry about that D:


The Beast. - Kikyuune Akio

A quick cover just to keep Akio occupied =u=
I'll get back to my regular projects this weekend~


Blog Updates + UST Classes Coming Soon!

Just wanted to point out that I now have a page for my Livestream, as well as a new poll~

Both of which have to do with my next big project: UST-making tutorials and lessons c:

I can't guarantee that after my tutorials and lessons you'll be able to make a UST completely on your own... since making them does require some musical ability on behalf of the UST maker... but I can help with stringing, crossfade, English, pitchbending, vibrato, breath sounds, talkloid, flag effects, and other fun stuff to at least improve current USTs and help you to make them unique to -you- when you make your UTAU sing them :D

Also I fixed the link to Aiko's SOFT bank, and put her MMD model download back up. Seimei is helping me by fixing Aiko's hair so she should be updated pretty soon though :o


Derp. c:


MMD Model + other stuff

Okay, so Aiko's MMD model has been fixed! You can access the fixed download on her Elektrika video.
However the hair will be fixed soon. So.... uh xD; I guess patience would still be a good thing..?

Also, I have 3 USTs in the works that I owe people who have helped me in the last couple of months. These will be finished and released before ANY of the USTs on my to-do list. I'll do my best to get them finished this week... since today might be the only day I have internet for all of Spring Break, I decided to go ahead and give a heads-up c:

See you soon :D
*goes back to playing Pokemon White* hurrhurr



Turns out she uses parts which are non-editable and non-redistributable.

I have contacted the model editor and hopefully this will be corrected soon ;n;

Japan Earthquakes and Tsunami

As I write this I'm about to go take a long nap... I was up all last night following the news on the disaster in Japan and I can hardly keep my eyes open, and I have a lot to work on today...

Everyone in Japan, and in the surrounding coastal areas/countries, please take care.

I honestly can't think of much more than that to say right now.... just... please, everyone, stay safe.

Kikyuune Aiko MMD! 8D

I woke up this morning to a LOOOOOVELY surprise:
SuminoChan on YouTube had made a Lat Aiko MMD model! 8DDDDD
And it's super accurate too, down to the silver loops on either side of her headphones! ;u;

I can't thank her enough, i really can't, but I think there's a language barrier ;A; I offered to do something in return and she didn't answer ;n;

The original video (+ download link):

I made Elektrika with her:

;u; I can't wait to make many more MMD videos. Now just to finish her Soft voice, get FinalCut working properly, and make a Soft version of Hello, Planet + dance...


F*ckYeahUTAU + Aiko SOFT Re-record!


*cough* In other news, I sat down and rerecorded Aiko's Soft bank today. I'm rather pleased with how it's turning out c:

Here's a couple of samples:
Comparison with other banks.
Experimenting with ending breaths.

Hope to have both this and Aiko's LOUD voice finished over the break c:


Te wo Tsunaide - Kikyuune Aiko + Life Updates

Fun random upload c:

Thanks to Acorn for deciding to make the song, it gave me a chance to test rendering in Final Cut~
Just played with some effects and such, nothing special.

Also got Pokemon White.
Probably gonna be holed up in my room for a week or two playing it.
Life? What life? OTL I have no life...


New UTAU...? + Moar arts

So those of you who follow UTAU XYZ closely (there aren't many I'm sure) might notice all the WIP UTAUs on the list. This is one of them, Kakujin.

The reason he's an alien now rather than the (never released) generic-bishounen-glasses-labcoat-scientist I had before?

Well, there was a lot of discussion on YouTube and Twitter today about females voicing males. Mainly, the arguments made AGAINST such a thing always fall back to "you made him just for a guy character" or "for fanservice."

There's no denying I made Kakujin as a character. I have his art before his voice! But what I do mean is he is in NO way made for fanservice or shipping xDDDD
I mean who would want to ship their UTAU with him without seeming really, REALLY strange?

Kakujin is an experiment. To see if I can pull off a decent-sounding male voice and get him known and liked without relying on yaoi or image. Granted I'm sure there are some people who might use him for image... who knows if there's fellow sci-fi fans in the fandom XD But the primary aim for Kakujin is voice, with his image made to deter people who would use him just for looks (but not so much that I myself wouldn't want to keep drawing him ahahaha)

Also CP you are insane xDD
She commissioned more Aiko&Ayano for me ;u;

I will totally be using both of these in a duet, you know! 8'D


Rondo of Possible World - Kikyuune Aiko [Cover by Kenji] + Aiko arts!

Thanks so much to Kenji for making Aiko sing this song! I had a lot of fun doing the art for it and I think the final product turned out really epic, in HD and everything ;A;

Also, CPninjagrrl, a fellow Vocaloid/UTAU fangirl and Minecrafter, surprised me today with a commission she'd gotten from the amazing medli20 of her future UTAU (Ayano) and Aiko together ;u; Thanks so much!!


Kenji made Aiko sing "Rondo of Possible World" and I did some art for it.

But he logged out before I finished.


Also, Aiko Act4 works decently with TIPs apparently! :D What a pleasant surprise.

Quick To-Do list to fix before Aiko's RockLoud CV final release:

• ga
• ta
• sa
• ya
• e
• puffs on all "h" and "f" and some "b" and "p" sounds (OTL)

Also, Aiko PopMellow CV Japanese recording starts/hopefullyfinishes tomorrow!

That is all~



Dear blogspot,
y u so glitchy?
Love, Myst

That aside, I have some plans to work on Aiko BalladSoft and Aiko PopMellow this weekend.

For those of you who don't know:

BalladSoft: Whispery, soft voice.

PopMellow: In-between voice. Clear, slight breathiness, but not loud.

Aiko's default voice, or at least the current one, is Aiko RockLoud.

And a fourth tentative voice is "RockLoud" level of volume but with more throaty, open pronunciation... for opera. Opera... uh.. OperaLoud? OperaStrongohgodthatsoundsweird. OperaBright? ....ehhhh....

Just felt like naming them after styles of music rather than "APPEND THIS/THAT" and whatnot xD; Their separate art styles will reflect this; her current official art being RockLoud with bold colors and lines. BalladSoft will be just a revamp of Aikos old Soft Append art (painted, with her hoodie up) and PopMellow is Aiko drawn in simple thin-line, with bright cell shading and her hoodie open revealing her tshirt.

That's all for today! Happy UTAUing c:



I'm gonna make it my goal to post here at least once a day even if it's just rambling >8O I had that sort of goal with my LiveJournal before I left, so let's see how far I get with blogspot.


So there's been talk off and on about an UTAU podcast, and I was just thinking about it again today. It'd be absolutely brilliant, IMHO ;u;

My dream would be an official iTunes podcast too, the whole works, though that might be unlikely xD; I doubt a bunch of people talking over Skype would be good enough quality for that sort of thing. Also, if we want to use music (WHICH OF COURSE WE WILL) I'd have to look into what we could and couldn't post in the broadcasts. I'd think that most Vocaloid covers, so long as the karaokes are provided on piapro and we aren't making any money (duh) should be fine... but... I'd still want to make sure :/

Butbutbut there could be tutorials and interviews and UTAU demos and all sorts of cool stuff *u*