STRATOSPHERE - Kikyuune Family Compilation Album


Moving soon!

I'm happy to announce that Project UTAU XYZ has a new associate webmaster: Pachi!

I don't know if anyone remembers, but Pachi was a former member of XYZ back from 2009/2010. Her UTAU was meant to be model 1Y, in-between Mathieu and Chiyoko in the list. She's come back to the fandom and is helping me to set up a brand new website!

We are still in the process of setting up all the miscellaneous pages and styling the layout, and once that's done we'll be porting the blog posts from this Blogger over to the new site (which will be powered by Wordpress). I'll be sure to give a warning beforehand as once this is done, the domain name port might cause a few hiccups in site access for people wanting to download anything.

I'm really excited about the new website, I hope you all look forward to it as well..!


New Shop Goodies!

The Project UTAU XYZ Shop has been updated with phone charms and keychains of 4 UTAUs in our series: Aiko, Mathieu, Chiyoko and Maddie!

There will be even more charm designs coming soon (including alt-design Aiko, Biohazard, the other Kikyuune family members, Namida, and various Vocaloids) along with prints!

(Phone charms are $3 USD each, keychains $4. Shipping costs can be found on the store itself and are calculated based on location and # of items.)


New Store & Updates!

If you've ever wanted to sell your original music made using Kikyuune Aiko, today's the day! I've finally launched the official Project UTAU XYZ store, which will soon host a variety of UTAU-y and Vocaloid-y goodies, but for now the only product is the Kikyuune Family Voicebank Commercial License!

For a flat fee of $12 USD, this license will allow you to produce and sell whatever music you wish using the Kikyuune Family series of voicebanks, past present and future versions, in all languages (as long as it falls within the accepted use: which basically means no defamation/libel/obscene content, you know the drill)

The full license agreement can be read here. After purchasing the license from our store, you'll receive an email with this license as an .rtf text file as well as a form to fill out with your Storenvy order number to complete your registration.

To follow with the opening of the store, I'll be making several changes around this website. For one, the site will become the Project UTAU XYZ core site rather than just a blog for the Kikyuune series of voicebanks, and there will soon be a new layout to reflect this change.

Voicebanks currently in production which are nearing release are Hibanane Chiyoko DRAGON CVVC JP + Lite EN, Hanga Cye V.1 and Codename K3RB3R0S. Aaron, Mathieu Rosaire's voicer, has also expressed his intent to rerecord a multi-pitch VCV or CVVC!

So basically, a TON is happening this fall/winter! Stay tuned!

And as for something I forgot to post earlier: I covered Camellia's "Controlled Dive" with my own English translyrics! The lyrics can be found on the Lyrics page as usual.


Kikyuune Aiko RockLoud Japanese V.6.1 Re-release!

Whew, my voicebank updates are beginning to sound like shitty Kingdom Hearts parody titles.

Anyway, Aiko's been updated! Thanks to Tomki Canis and Yue/Mario, her voicebank wavs are now split up and organized into separated pitch folders. I also touched up the breaths and did some oto tweaking, and Tomki added a presamp.ini!

As usual, you can download her from the left sidebar! Let me know if you have any issues!


A few minor announcements

Hey all! It's been hectic over here, and it's way late into September for me to be posting a much-belated August features, so I'm going to be posting a dual-month entry on October 1st.

I have a few things coming up that I'm pretty excited about. For one, a generous UTAU user has been currently working on splicing up Aiko's CVVC samples and is nearly done! I'll re-release Aiko's CVVC as V.6.1 as soon as I receive the fixed bank. This should fix any resampler/FRQ errors she's been having.

Also, I'm working on another original song. Normally I wouldn't post anything about this sort of project, but seeing as the deadline is Halloween day, I figured this might be the sort of kick in the rear I need to get things moving. The lyrics are around half done and the song will likely use Sonika, since I should try my hand at actually making Vocaloid stuff once in a while.

Also, to those asking about Aiko's VCCV, I plan to finish BalladSoft as soon as I get the time/space to do so. And there's a bit of a chance that'll happen this weekend. So here's hoping.

That's all for now!



Hey everyone! I'm slowly trying to get into the rhythm of regularly posting videos again. Here's a cover of KISEKI from Pokémon X/Y!